The Family And Movement programs are series of Fitness classes and events to encourage our youth and their families to live healthy lifestyles. 

The programs promote

  • Peer-to-peer support, & family togetherness.

  • Fight against childhood obesity.

  • Increase knowledge of the human body and its natural functions. 

  • Learning about using technology to live more fit.

We create partnerships with professionals and brands to further our vision.

culture and Languages


A cultural exchange initiative that exposes youth to other cultures and what's happening around them. We explore other cities, states, countries and learn new languages.
We organize outings, meetups, and cross-city and country projects.



Currently virtual"Mentoring Through 

Tutoring" is a program that

started in 2012 in the Englewood

area of Chicago. We provide

after school "one on one"

and "group tutoring" to youth

 grades K-12.




(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

We are currently providing virtual S.T.E.A.M. experiences to youth, locally and nationwide. We strategically utilize our partnerships to inspire them to think about the future and lead them toward fulfilling careers.



​Through “Show Me HOW” we work with our youth to help them gain greater insight on who they are and their unique strengths. With a three-part workshop: interest and strength inventory, hands-on experiences, and interactive coaching groups, we help them zone in on career choices.


YBF organizes meetups to bring together community residents young and older to take part in conversations relevant to their community. We use these meetups to draw potential mentors and volunteers while gathering for positive uplifting exchanges.

            Inform - Educate - Empower 

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