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                                                Employer Contribution Match


Your employer could double or even triple your contribution! 


For more information on employer matching gifts, contact your employer or the Human Resources department at your job.


1st: Find out if your employer offers the matching contribution program.

2nd: If your employer does offer the program, request a contribution matching form and return it to your employer.  Send the form to us via fax or email once your employer has filled out their portion.

3rd: We will fill out our portion of the form and return it to your employer.  The matching funds will then be sent directly to us.  

                                                            In Kind Donations


If you have access to products that could contribute to our cause, we will gladly accept them.  Here is a list of materials that can help us run our youth programs more effectively, as well as give to participating youth and families that are in need:


School Supplies: 

  • Lined paper

  • Pencils and pens

  • Pencil cases

  • Crayons and colored pencils

  • Markers

  • Binders

  • Spiral notebooks

  • Bookbags

  • Literature of all reading levels and genres



  • Healthy snacks, and/or meals for program sessions

  • Cases of bottled water, 100% juice bottles or individual boxes



  • ​​New and used children and junior sized clothing for ages 7-18 years old (coats, gloves, scarves, hats, shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, boots, dresses, suits, etc.).


Audio/Visual and Other Electronics:

  • ​Digital cameras

  • Video cameras

  • Portable sound system

  • New or used laptops

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