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Board of Directors

Adem Aluka

Executive Director/Founder

Michael Smith

Department Chair, Prince George’s Community College

Jesse White

Former Secretary Of State of Illinois

 Honorary Member

Gianna Funkhouser

Owner and McDonald's operator

Larry Lewis

Aetna CVS  Government affairs

YBF Advisory Council

Kodjo Aluka, Aluksons Business Solutions  
John O'Donnell, Pro Bono Attorney
Michele Smith, Former Alderman

Jessica Choe, Classical Pianist and score music composer
Peter Fitzpatrick, Columbia College community engagement
Jordan Foster, Radio Host

Tristan Sumpter, Business Development
William Smith, Technology development
Raj Desai, Dentist

YBF’s governing board meets quarterly, handling financial oversight and governance items.
Our very active YBF advisory council offers input and support on YBF's programs and fundraising.
Board assignments have a 6-month term.

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