Our Mission is to empower youth to become future leaders and servants of their community through positive mentorship.


Our vision is healthy youth motivated, physically, emotionally, and socially, prospering in their aspirations and positively 

impacting their families, communities, and contributing to the world.


We understand that today, there are many factors affecting our youth's fulfillment.

We work diligently to encourage, them through stimulating programs.




(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math):

We provide youth with hands-on STEAM experiences and organize field trips to get them to think of the growing STEAM fields. We draw support from companies such as Microsoft and others.

F.A.M Fitness 

(Family and Movement): 

We organize Fitness initiatives and events encouraging fit and active lifestyles for youth and their families. We create partnerships with professionals in the health & wellness industry as well as other organizations to encourage our youth to continue living healthier lifestyles.

Mentoring Through Tutoring

Inspired by a program that started

 in the Englewood area of Chicago, Mentoring Through Tutoring is a support program for youth K through 12th grade, providing mentorship while helping with school work year-round. 



1348 N Sedgwick St

Chicago, IL, 60610


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Youth for a Better Future