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"Elevated Art" (Created by YBF Youth &MOBICOLOR )

"Elevated Art" (Created by YBF Youth &MOBICOLOR )


A vibrant, inviting, and well-orchestrated, coloring book for youth and adults. All proceeds go to support YOUTH FOR A BETTER FUTURE


“ELEVATED ART” is born from a collaboration between YOUTH FOR A BETTER FUTURE, (a 501c3 non-profit community organization that supports inner-city youth and their families) and MOBICOLOR (a company providing interactive cultural Coloring book experiences).

For 5 weeks, youth (ages 6-10) enrolled in the creative program explore the areas of Health & Fitness, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, World Culture and Languages.


This fusion and collaboration inspires a fun and stimulating coloring book  with topics that matter to us (Money-Smart practices, Sports, Community, Health, Culture, and more.

This book is a great fit for both kids and adults and is guaranteed to keep everyone engaged.

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